Get to know me

Disclaimer: This isn’t the full story but some parts of it

What I do for a living

I work as a full-stack developer specialized in WordPress CMS. Read more about my developer-life on the Development page.


What else do I do?

Mechanical Keyboards

I enjoy building keyboards, but for me, the keyboard community which we have in Finland makes it much more enjoyable. This silly hobby always surprises you with new things you need to figure out eg. C-programming, CAD, PCB-building and 3D-printing.

I’ll have soon on my blog some keyboard-related articles, keep an eye for it!

What are mechanical keyboardsKeyboard build services


They say that the right amount of bikes can be calculated using this formula (n + 1) where n is how many bikes you currently own.

I love cycling but after winning the Evermade Kilometrikisa I’ve had to step it down a notch. I currently have 3 working bikes, one MTB, one Roadbike and a chainless hybrid one.


Every once in a while I feel like I want to create some fermented beverage. When I studied I was active in a Brewing club where we made different kinds of beers, some of them came out as really solid. Sadly due to Covid, the beer brewing has been put on a break, but that didn’t stop me.

I made a batch of cider from apples which I’ve collected by hand. It feels really nice that I actually can produce a solid product from the ground up. Only time will tell what I’ll do next, more beer? kombucha or perhaps mead?

See my talk on brewing