Keyboard Build Services

Maybe it’s time for you to think about switching your keyboard to something that fits you better! Instead of diving into the rabbit hole, let me help you!

Are you working with the best possible tools?

You probably spend quite a bit upgrading your phone, headphones or other accessories yearly. Have you thought about how much of your time you spend by a computer nowadays, both at work and outside?

It’s well known that once you have the right tools for the job, the job is much easier and enjoyable to do. Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your keyboard to your own liking.

Once you start looking for parts you might feel a little overwhelmed about all the options. Please tell me what you like and I’ll guide you to the parts that suit your description.

About mechanical keyboards

Build service

If you want to be sure your next keyboard is properly built, let me do it for you live on a Twitch stream! This includes soldering, modifications, and assembly. All prices include 24% VAT. Soldering switches with TH-LEDs doubles the price.

Keyboard sizePrice
Macropads (eg. numpads)40€
Small Keyboards (under 60%)55€
Medium Keyboards (60-75%)85€
Large Keyboards (over 75%)110€

How to order

  1. Contact me so that we can plan your next keyboard.
  2. Let’s order the parts, you can either order all the parts shipped to me or let me order everything for you.
  3. Watch (optional) the Twitch stream where I solder your personal keyboard
  4. Enjoy your new keyboard

Contact meolligranlund @

Other services

Switch lubrication1.20€/switch
Switch lubrication + adding film1.50€/switch
Keyboard repairsGet a quote

Switch lubricant and film are calculated in the prices. Repair-pricing depends on the issue, contact me for a quote!

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